Medical massages can best be described as therapeutic interventions by a therapist aimed at bringing the patient back to health.Its mostly done after diagnosis by a qualified physician .A regular massage therapy is a relaxative and luxarious therapy aimed at general body health and leisure.The focus of the massage therapy gives us the first difference between medical and regular massage therapies.

Medical therapy focuses on the eventual therapeutic outcome and the injured or unhealthy part as diagnosed by the client’s physician.On the other hand,the regular massage therapy focuses on the eventual customer satisfaction,evident with the stress on luxury,comfort and relaxation.

Medical massages are done only in the specific areas of the body specified in the diagnosis and physicians prescription while regular massages are done according to the clients preferences or the therapy technique chosen.The other difference comes in training.Though the training programmes are more or less the same,the medical massage therapists undergo internship programmes in local hispitals or clinics and on campus.

This introduces them to patient care and hospital settings.Just to clarify,any form of regular message technique can be used as a medical medial massage intervention.However,the common approaches include;myofascial release,neuromuscular therapy,trigger point therapy,muscle testing and rehabilitative stretching.

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